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Compendium of know and how: Topophile, the friend of places | review of happy spaces
(del. Vanessa Alvarado)

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Topophile’s Fight

We are all topophile! We belong to a milieu that we never cease to transform, even more than it shapes us. The friendship we consciously or unconsciously show towards places deserves at least a review!

This new digital review is committed to ecology, which implies a method of doing and thinking that combines process, transversal approaches and interrelationships.

To ecologically cultivate this friendship with places requires a break with productivism and its countless damages. Topophile is dedicated to the proponents of happy spaces, whether they are architects, landscape architects, craftsmen, students, intellectuals, activists, representatives, citizens, dwellers, etc…

Too often we separate theory from practice, the intellectual from the manual, head from hand. However, there is no knowing without doing, nor doing without knowing! Topophile combines them into happy encounters in a living encyclopedia of topophile know-how.

Regions and landscapes, cities and countryside, houses and gardens, architecture and construction, fauna and flora, each topophile is available and attentive to their place of dwelling. Every surprise inspires them, every feeling stimulates them, every disaster affects them.

Topophile knows that every idea is a struggle.

Topophile Aspirations

Broadcast to all a spatial, landscaping, architectural and urban culture;

Promote ecological ideas and practices;

Build bridges between the countless networks and federate their protagonists;

Demonstrate the feasibility of new construction methods sprouting up all over the world;

Examine the present in the mirror of the past and design the future;

Question the world in its entirety and its localities, making the foreign familiar;

Broaden the horizon of practitioners and ground the ideas of the theorists;

Exalt all citizen commitment;

Inspire some, nourish the others;

Reveal our existential quality as earthlings and the imperative to care for our common place: the Earth.

Topophile Needs You!

Topophile has opted for free access for the benefit of everyone, for the refusal of advertisement and for the remuneration of authors.

Topophile takes the bet that its future readers will recognize its quality and ensure its longevity through their regular donations.

The review is published by a non-profit association under French law and managed on a voluntary basis by its rhapsodes.

Thus, if you are a resident of France, you can obtain a tax reduction of up to 66% of your donations thanks to the receipt that we will issue in your name. For example, a donation of 50 € only costs you 17 €. To take advantage of this, simply indicate the amount of your donations when you next file your tax return. The withholding tax has no impact on this system.

The association publishes its accounts every year during Spring.

Make Your Friends Topophile

Topophile encourages those who are aware of the environmental and social issues of our time and who work individually or collectively to live according to their convictions.

Topophile targets a composite readership – students, professionals, ecologists, citizens, etc. – to popularize scattered and unfamiliar know-how.

We therefore appeal to space creators to publish their realizations in Topophile. We thank readers for sharing the review and supporting it with donations.

We need to reach more people with your help. We invite you to share our digital brochure and display the poster ” are you topophile?” Thank you for your support!

Topophile’s Friends

Romain Anger, engineer | Antoine Aubinais, architect | Marc Augé, anthropologist | Augustin Berque, geographer  | Alain Bornarel, engineer | Patrick Bouchain, builder | Boris Bouchet, architect | Dominique Bourg, philosopher & ethicist | Fabienne Bulle, architect | François Chaslin, architectural critic | Gilles Clément, gardener & writer | COLOCO, landscapers | Sonia Cortesse, architect | Éric Daniel-Lacombe, architect | Gilles Debrun, architect | Bernard Delage, acoustician | Laurent Demarta, architect | Corentin Desmichelle, architect | Patrice Doat, architect | Encore heureux, architects | Anne Feenstra, architect | Luc Floissac, engineer | Laetitia Fontaine, engineer | Pierre Frey, art historian | Gilles Fumey, geographer  | Dominique Gauzin-Müller, architect & author | Silvia Grunig, architect  | Edith Hallauer, designer & writer | Anna Heringer, architect | Simon Jacquemin, architect | Pierre & Rémi Janin, landscape architects | Hugues Joinau, architect & geobiologist | Frédérique Jonnard, architect | Pierre Jouventin, ecoethologist | Loic Julienne, architect | Simone & Lucien Kroll, gardener & architect | Margotte Lamouroux, architect & journalist | Bernard Lassus, artist & landscape architect | Serge Latouche, theorist of decline | Christophe Laurens, architect & teacher | Marc Le Cœur, art historian | Fanny Leglise, architect & journalist | Marta Maccaglia, architect | Philippe Madec, architect & urban planner | Alberto Magnaghi, theorist of the bioregion | Nina Maritz, architect | Bernard Marrey, architectural historian | Bruno Marzloff, sociologist | Olivier Misischi, architect | Anne-Solange Muis, geographer | Camille Muller, landscaper | Thierry Paquot, philosopher | Gilles Perraudin, architect | Emmanuel Pezres, architect | Hervé Potin, architect | Boonserm Premthada, architect | Joseph Rabie, architect & urban planner | Jean Robert, architect & historian | les Saprophytes, architects & landscapers | Pablo Servigne, biologist & theorist of collapse | Marco Stathopoulos, architect | Jean-Jacques Wunenburger, philosopher | Claude Yacoub, architect | Chris Younès, philosopher

AMACO | Bellastock | Asterre | Les bâtisseuses | Cantercel | CROAIF (Conseil régional de l’ordre des architectes d’Ile-de-France) | Fibra Award | ICEB (Institut pour la conception éco-responsable du bâti) | Manifesto for a happy frugality | RFCP (Réseau français de la construction paille) | Rue de l’avenir / Rue aux enfants | Terra Award

Topophile’s Rhapsodists

Camille Morin | Martin Paquot | Raphael Pauschitz

Topophile’s Model

The review deals with spaces and places through the prism of ecology and forms a living encyclopedia of topophile know-how. It is organized into three main parts.

Know aims to ecologize our minds through the publication of interviews, investigations, essays and studies of theorists and practitioners from all over the world.

How brings together original works presented by their authors – of all kinds, scales and countries – that embody an ecological, ethical and social approach to place and space.

Rendezvous invites our readers to enrich their topophile knowledge and experience by meeting the protagonists at conferences, debates, exhibitions, visits and workshops.


Topophile’s Seasons

Autumn 2019: launch of the digital review on

2018-2019: crowdfunding campaign, web development & preparation of content

Spring 2018: inception of the Topophile project

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